At ULF, fellows spend half of their time working on impactful policy proposals with a successful elected or appointed official in the region.  You will accelerate your leader's social justice impact by assisting with research, drafting, and implementation of critical legislation.  Our fellows are poised to make a difference, and each year they achieve real social change through hands-on, direct policy making.  

ULF fellows have influenced over 150 pieces of policy including Colorado immigration reform, landmark educator effectiveness legislation, and major school district reforms like implementing academic performance frameworks and funding early childhood education programs.

To learn more about the 2020 policies you can expect to work on, visit our elected officials page


To impact real and lasting change, creating smart policy is not enough.  At ULF, our fellows spend the other half of their time working at a company or organization that is equally committed to social justice and positive impact. 

We partner with a diverse range of organizations, including innovative schools and education programs, tech-enabled startups, and microfinance institutions.  In concert with ULF staff, our partners develop consequential and impactful projects for the summer, and the roles offer an additional opportunity for fellows to learn alongside some of the region's most talented leaders.  After the summer, many of our organizations hire ULF fellows and alumni to join their teams full time. 

To learn more about the types of organizations we partner with, visit our partner organizations page


Developing future leaders and supporting a diverse cohort is at the heart of ULF. We thrive on connecting high-achieving individuals with quality opportunities. But our commitment to our fellows extends beyond career development, to include:

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. We select individuals who are seeking to make real impact in their communities. Through exposure to diverse leaders and experiences, and collaborative work with their highly accomplished cohort, fellows learn the skills and attributes that make a strong leader, develop their own leadership style, and get hands-on practice effectively empowering teams.

ONGOING SUPPORT. When the fellowship ends, our commitment to our fellows continues. Upon matriculation, our fellows join a diverse and talented group of ULF alumni. We provide ongoing support to our alumni through career and professional development, including a yearly summit, job opportunities, and robust networking opportunities.

We’ve supported alumni in running for office, starting nonprofits, becoming school leaders, and continuing their education.  

To learn more about the ULF team and founding vision, visit our team page.  

Check out the below video to hear directly from a few of our alumni about their ULF experiences: