ULF has a long history of partnering with companies and organizations that are committed to social justice and positively impacting our communities. 

These local partnerships are a priority for ULF because we know that to impact real and lasting change, creating smart policy is not enough, we need strong relationships with local organizations doing the work in our communities.

We also know that many organizations doing this impactful work need an immediate and long term talent infusion.  We've designed the fellowship to immediately bring talent into partner organizations to increase their impact, and we work to retain this talent in cities long term. Our fellows benefit from the opportunity to learn alongside some of the most talented leaders and organizations in the city. This experience influences the policies they create, ensuring coordination and communication among those who create policy and those who implement it. In addition, many of our fellows are offered opportunities join our partner organizations full time after the summer.

We partner with a diverse range of organizations, including innovative schools and education programs, tech-enabled startups, microfinance organizations, and everything in between.

Wondering what a ULF summer partnership can offer? Hear it directly from three different fellows & their local partners:


Interested in being a ULF Partner Organization? 

By partnering with ULF, you'll work with talented young leaders to increase your bandwidth, benefit from a fresh perspective, and develop a connection to a pipeline of potential future employees.  

ULF fellows work 20 hours per week with partner organizations for the duration of the seven-week fellowship. They bring their experience as graduate students, nonprofit founders, award-winning educators, Fulbright & Rhodes scholars, authors, and researchers to work on projects that advance the mission of your organization. Because of our highly selective admissions model, we recruit only the best-and-brightest, and our fellows arrive ready to hit the ground running.

We ask local partner organizations to contribute between $2500 to $4000 (depending on the cost of living in the region) to ensure we can support our fellows with a stipend for their work. We give partner organizations full control in which fellow they hire, and recruit a diverse cohort of fellows to ensure we have individuals with the necessary skills to meet your organizational needs. To find out more about ULF's organization partnerships, please click HERE.