Weekly Communication May 23, 2019

Hi Everyone, 

Welcome to the third installment of our ULF communication. This week, we’re excited to highlight one of our amazing alumni, and share with you a “day in the life” and “week in the life” to help shape your understanding of the weeks ahead. We've also attached notes

from last night's call for those of you who weren't able to connect. Read on for all of this information. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions. 

Don’t forget to continue to be responsive to partner organizations as they reach out and to secure your housing for the summer over the next two weeks (May 27th-June 7th). For details on both of these items, see the last two communications we shared and the attached notes.

Culture: ULF Alumni

If we haven’t told you already, we have an incredibly talented group of alumni across the country. From starting nonprofits to working for the department of Education, clerking for the Court of Appeals and holding elected office, our alumni are some of the most influential young leaders in the fields of education, law, policy, politics, advocacy, organizing and nonprofit leadership. You’ll get the chance to meet more of our alumni throughout the summer, but until then, we want to highlight one of our alumni from the 2018 summer cohort.

Oakland Region: Eric Ding

Eric Ding is currently the College and Career Readiness Specialist at Madison Park Academy. His duty is to ensure that all seniors have a concrete post-secondary plan that fits their career aspirations and that all high schoolers at the site engage in not only a college-going culture, but a future-oriented one. His schedule varies day to day, including meetings at the district office, conferences with students and families, partnering with outside organizations, college applications, financial aid support, and a myriad of other administrative tasks required by the school site. Long-term, Ding is planning on becoming a school leader and creating a microcosm of transformational educational practices that will lead to larger implications at a higher level.

Logistics: A Day in the Life, A Week in the Life

Curious about what your fellowship experience will look like? Check out this example calendar below for a sample week. We know that every week won’t look like this, but here’s a good sense of what you can expect on one of our busier weeks! Please let me know if you have questions about this. Our Regional Calendar will go live the week prior the fellowship!

Many thanks, 

Mary & Rachel